Makes 10


200g Passionfruit pulp, reduce by half
20ml Vodka
125g Pate a bombe
50g egg white
50g sugar
250g cream

Pate a bombe
140ml water
140g egg yolk
220g caster sugar

Mix together and cook over a Bain Marie for up to 2 hours until the eggs are thick and partially cooked.

To make the parfait

Whip the pate a bombe to a sabayon (thick foamy consistency) then gently mix in the passionfruit reduction and vodka. Make a meringue with the egg whites and sugar, then gently fold in to the mix, finally softly whip the cream and fold through. Pour into small cylindrical moulds and freeze until solid, preferably overnight.

Lapsang Tea Jaconde

50g icing sugar
50g egg white
35g ground almonds
15g plain flour
5g Lapsang tea powder

Make a meringue with the whites and sugar and fold through the dry ingredients until it no longer forms peaks. Put in a piping bag and pipe into round discs slightly larger than your parfait moulds. Bake at 160 degrees for 10 mins till golden and while still warm trim up any rough edges.

Meringue for coating

75g egg white
75g caster sugar
75g icing sugar

Whisk the whites and caster sugar in an electric mixer until stiff the add the icing sugar and continue to whisk until smooth and firm. Transfer to a piping bag with a small plain nozzle.

Building the Alaskas

De-mould your parfait on to the jaconde biscuit, there should be a 2mm or so overlap of the biscuit base, very carefully and artfully cover the parfait in the meringue, making sure that it is completely covered. Return to the freezer until required.

To serve, set an oven to 220 degrees, place the Alaska straight from the freezer onto a tray and bake for 2mins and 30 seconds or until the meringue starts to colour. Remove from the oven and cool for 2 minutes before serving. At the restaurant we serve the Alaska with a lapsang tea infused creme anglaise.